The Story Of How Erik Thvedt Became A Successful Tattooist

Erik Thvedt, a tattoo artist at Top Notch Tattoos, doesn’t follow the typical tattooing process. Instead of the customer telling him exactly what they want, he listens to their ideas, their stories, and their life experiences. He then attempts to capture their ideas, conceptualizes it on paper, and begins to ink the client. Each and every tattoo he designs will capture a chapter of someones life, and eventually creating a storybook of someones life.

safe_imageThe more interesting part of his story is that he never wanted to be a tattoo artist, and wasn’t a fan of tattoos. He had been working in construction since high school but suffered an accident and lacked mobility. Thvedt explained that he was messing around with a snowboard on a trampoline when suddenly destroyed his ACL and MCL.

Thvedt continued to say that “I needed a job where I could sit on my butt and make money…[and] I liked drawing my whole life, but I never thought I’d do anything with it for a career”

8eHowever, after 14 years in the business it is safe to say that he has established himself as one of the best tattoo artists with one of the most unique styles. For more than 12 of those years he has worked for Top Notch Tattoos in Illinois under several different owners. Now-A-Days if you want to get a tattoo from Thvedt you will have to wait up to 6 months, as he keeps a waiting list that is almost always booked!

To get a better feel of how incredible his tattoos are here are a few comments from his actually customers.

Julie Applehoof said “I very proudly wear several of Eriks incredible pieces of art work. He is pure talent. Top Notch is a great shop and an asset to Elgin.”

While Sue Markko said “My Thvedt tattoo is unique and one of a kind. Erik is a master at his craft. I’m ready for my next work of art!”

Therefore if you plan on getting a tattoo and are in the area, make a reservation with Erik Thvedt. Everyone has a story to tell and he just wants to help you tell it!

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